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We bring color to
data mining and to life

Our mission is to make sense of the Big Data and help understand international flows of money, ideas and people. Our specialized data mining software recognizes the linguistic or cultural origin of personal names in any alphabet / language, with fine grain and high accuracy. Names are meaningful : we use sociolinguistics to extract their semantics and deliver actionable intelligence. We help you see a diverse digital world in full color.

Key features

Accuracy : NamSor recognizes the likely cultural origin and gender at the same time, for higher precision and recall.

Global coverage : NamSor covers all languages, alphabets, countries, regions. We constantly improve the precision, working with linguists, anthropologist and historians. We can recognize, for example, the gender of Indian names in scripts such as TELUGU, ORIYA, GURMUKHI, MALAYALAM, BENGALI, GUJARATI, KANNADA, DEVANAGARI, TAMIL, ARABIC, LATIN. We can recognize, for example, the Armenian origin of names in CYRILLIC, GEORGIAN, ARMENIAN, ARABIC, LATIN. Other examples:

Ease of use: names can be parsed and classified online, using a simple web application that processes up to 100,000 names within a few minutes. Power users, statisticians and data scientists can take benefit of NamSor open source extension for RapidMiner, a leading predictive analytics tool. NamSor API can be securely integrated with a range of applications, from geographical information systems (such as ESRI), to CRM and campaign management.

Fine grained: NamSor API currently supports several taxonomies for general use. We also design specific taxonomies calibrated at a finer grained level (regional dialects, ethnicity, casts or clanic systems) for the use of academic researchers and the specific needs of international organizations (migration studies, international aid, diaspora marketing and fundraising: see our tailored services).

We value diversity

We apply this innovative technology to support our clients in their development : countries, regions, private companies, projects, in all sectors of activity. NamSor API Key unlocks the value of diversity.

We support public and private Diaspora marketing and engagement programs, for human development and economic growth.
We support @GenderGapGrader with our gender diversity analytics.

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NamSor API Key unlocks a range of tools and functionalities : RapidMiner Onomastics Extension, NamSor API, NamSor SDK, ... more to come.
It gives access to our collaborative Open Data catalog.

NamSor Gender API FREE

Great for:
personal use.

As part of @GenderGapGrader, we support a FREE API to determine the likely gender of international names (No API Key).
Join the #GenderDataRevolution!

NamSor API Key PRO

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businesses, organizations, governments.

Extract likely cultural origin and gender of any world name. Choose between Freemium Trial and Monthly Subscription. All payments via Stripe secure platform.

NamSor Tailored Services

Great for:
clients in need of strategic advice.

We partner with reputable consultants on diversity matters: Diaspora marketing and direct Investments/@FDIMagnet; Remittances; Ethnic Marketing; Infographics.

NamSor sorts names. What do YOU do?

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